Project Description
Windows Add File Read Edit Delete Tester, is an application suite with the task of ensuring that virtual File systems work within a windows environment (Client and Server).
Written in C# and will use PInvokes to drive some tests.

What is this ?

There is a need to have a set of tests, that can be performed against Virtual / Filter / Loaded disk / CallBack / Cloud / USB / etc. based file systems, to show if the implementation is compliant.
These do not have to be hosted (Served) on a windows File system, but must be accessible from the windows client environment.
This tester is the starting point of these tests.


  • To start easy,
  • Add performance counters
  • Add multi-threading
  • Add asynchronous tests
  • Add edge cases
  • Wrap it in a nice GUI for everyone to use

When will this happen ?

very soon :-

First Draft

Can you Help ?

Looking for testers (All Windows)
C# Coders
Edge Case / Scenario ideas
Help / User interface guides
Any other ideas :-)
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Locations of visitors to this page

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